The Jog

The day started with birds chirping around and with a warm ray of light sneaking through the window. I was getting ready for the early morning jog and there in the bench I saw her waiting for someone. She was all dressed up in the jog-suit and a good pair of sport shoes. I passed by and heard her calling, hey, let’s jog!?

So you usually get up this early or was it today that the weather is okay and you felt like starting? No, she said. She said, amidst the past conversation (reference: my earlier blogpost, ‘being one’) of glittering stars and a cozy blanket, I thought of joining the very next day to see the sunrise and share a common smile. Passed a smile at the same time for the thoughts and words she had said.

Inside me, you and all of us, there is a kid who wants to play to the fullest and being loved at the same time, I shared. She responded positively and added if the kid wants to explore more, touch the smiles, touch the emotions, touch the heart(s) of people a specific set of values and connect should be there, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I agreed. You, me and everyone always want to explore to the fullest with the help of the kid inside us and should wear a true warm smile for everyone and for everything. The conversation went on and on discussing life and what do you actually seek? ( More from my posts, ‘what do you seek’) Is it true love, true feelings, true emotions, empathy, loyalty or behaviour? If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of these then one must go with the right person leaving all superficial words and dancing to the whims of some other fact which is engrossed as a fact in our heart, she said.

Yes, that’s life and the way you should deal with it. Happiness comes from within and when you have some set of values which shouldn’t be torn under any circumstances. Finding your own happiness and playing with your own child (here, happiness for me) will make you the creator of your own sunrise and we’ll jog together! 😊

Copyright Β© Nikhil Kundu


35 thoughts on “The Jog

  1. That’s such a lovely post. Nikhil!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    We’ll have a jog tomorrow. I want to have this conversation over mountains. ❀

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  2. “touch the smiles, touch the emotions, touch the heart(s) of people a specific set of valuesΒ ”
    I loved this line especially. Great blog by the way. Keep blogging
    Regards dessert flower 🌸

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  3. Exploring Views the Nikhil,

    Good day from Goa! I read this beautiful blog early morning. God bless you always for the writings and connect you have with everyone and the feelings you have. Heartfelt thanks to connect with you.


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  4. Totally agree !! Happiness comes from within ..
    We should never put our happiness in someone else’s hand , ‘cus they’ll drop it .. they’ll drop it every single time . !! πŸ€

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