Being with someone

If someone truly wants to be with you, breathe with you, they will do anything in their power to be with you. There will be no games. There will be no words with hidden meanings. No endless nights, where you just see the messages and letters again and again to join your thought process for a positive bent. You won’t have to figure all this out as their words and actions would convey their behaviour and love for you.

You fight, you cry and you hope for the person to be with you because you loved this person to the moon and back. But, if the person truly loves you, s/he will ignore the worldly statements, try not to say, try not to hurt you everytime with mixed feelings, emotions and other things. S/he would stick only to the soul – filled with pure love and nothing else.

We should never let go a person with whom you counted your life together as ‘us’. You should never ever leave his/her hand; Afterall, it’s all love and deep compassion with which you connected. If someone wants to be with you, truly with all πŸ’“, madly and emotionally, they will be with you.

All beautiful relationships do not exactly depend on how well we know each other, but it depends on how well we manage the misunderstanding and unite again. Preserve and don’t let go your loved ones. Life is short.

Take care. Keep smiling πŸ™‚

Copyright Β© Nikhil Kundu

25 thoughts on “Being with someone

  1. Nikhil, you are a very good writer. You write from the heart and its all love, emotions and your true heart. I completely agree to the above post written by you. We can’t even hope to leave our dear ones/loved ones in our dreams even. If the person leaves holding a relation due to any reason, Yes, any reason, the person never loved the other person. I mean in real life, I have seen many cases but they only focus on themselves and for them, love, emotions, respect play no role. Preserve this emotion and love! Hardly found these days. Love your posts!! Keep sharing.

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    1. That compliment made my day. Thank you. πŸ™‚ Yes, in today’s world we only have feeble relations or relations that are tied on the basis of only ‘you’ or with a motive, there is a very less percentage of what we call as a stable relationship with all heart and purity.


  2. Very thoughtfully and practically penned down. Love is in details, in actions and most importantly based on the feeling of never giving up on each other. Great article πŸ’œ

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  3. Sorry but I dont agree w/ you here ..
    For me its works like .. “If you’re not happy w/ someone .. be it a friendship or relationship .. then leave ” Choose the ones who makes you HAPPY!!
    Don’t settle !!

    But I respect your opinion πŸ’œ..

    Also, thankyou for following me .. looking forward to read more from you ..
    thanks again ..
    Hope you hv a good day. πŸ€


      1. Absolutely we all would learn and gain insights from each other and specially would love to read your articles, I’ve had read some , they are deep. Keep the energy running. πŸ™‚

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